New Year’s Resolutions? In way over your head?

Making a commitment at the beginning of the year, whether it’s to lose weight, workout regularly, or change your lifestyle. I am just as guilty as the next person. If you’re like me you go all in and throw caution to the wind. Unfortunately, when you jump in head first. . . you loose gusto … Continued

Carrying that Bundle of Joy

It’s that time in my life when everyone around me is having babies. It’s supposed to be this joyous time where you can enjoy those adorable little, but HEAVY ones. There are so many different aches and pains one can have when taking care of a baby, especially when carrying them. Lateral epicondylitis, Dequervain’s Thumb, … Continued


Whiplash.  So you get in a car accident. It’s bad enough you have to get your car fixed. Now your back hurts. Or maybe your neck? It’s called whiplash. Majority of the time it’s muscles and soft tissue that have experienced trauma.  If you think it’s something more serious, then you should go to your … Continued

Green Thumb or Therapy Thumb?

It’s that time of year again! Or it will be soon. Time to Garden! Are you a flower gardener or a vegetable gardener?  I like to grow vegetables and my sister loves flowers! But how does your body handle gardening?  Does your back hurt from leaning over? Maybe all the weeds you have been pulling … Continued

Fair weather runner in a pair of GOOD SHOES

I started running back when I was in grad school studying to be a Physical Therapist. I needed a mindless activity that would help me clear my head after a hard day of studying.  Turns out its not as mindless for me as I thought.  Running for me is hard! I also don’t like running … Continued

Hiking this Spring? Is Your Body Ready?

My husband Derek and I love to hike.  Mary’s Rock in Shenandoah Park is one of my favorites. One of the things we noticed during the hike was when we were going uphill I was a lot faster than Derek, and when we went downhill Derek was definitely faster.  We joke about this when we … Continued

Dry Needling – Corinne’s Take

I have never been a trend follower.  In fact my whole life I have intentionally avoided anything that seemed to be on the rise. Beanie Babies, those shirts that expanded and condensed. Honestly, they didn’t look good on anyone.   Then came along this new and radical treatment.  It was unique and advance.  Doctors were asking … Continued