Testimonials 2Our Quality Control Program

We take great pride in the service we provide and make every effort to deliver on our promises and improve our service each and every day.   To this end we check in with our patients following their initial visit to the clinic.    After six appointments we ask our clients to complete a brief Quality Control Survey to ensure their needs are being met and adjust their plan of care accordingly.  Finally, upon discharge we ask our patients to complete a discharge survey to identify things we are doing well as well as areas for improvement.

Here’s what some of our patients have had to say:

In response to the question Besides your recent physical therapy treatment, have you ever had any previous experiences with physical therapy?  If yes, how do we compare?

“On a scale of 1 to 10 (being the best), I would rate the other treatment center a 5-6 and yours a 10+”

“I genuinely appreciate the consistency of treatment, flexibility in regimen and professionalism.”

“There is no comparison.   This has been a much better experience.”

In response to the question Are there any successes you would like to share?

“I went from fear of walking to walking with confidence!””

“You all have created a wonderful environment at this clinic that is an incredible compliment to your incredible skills in therapy.”

“The care I have received here has been personal and competent.   I feel like I have been treated as a unique person, not just another client.   I have been treated with respect and warmth.   The staff have gone out of their way to assist my recovery process.”

“Being able to do the little things again…like dressing yourself, sitting on the floor and being able to get back up with help are priceless.  Thanks.”