Green Thumb or Therapy Thumb?

It’s that time of year again! Or it will be soon. Time to Garden! Are you a flower gardener or a vegetable gardener?  I like to grow vegetables and my sister loves flowers! But how does your body handle gardening?  Does your back hurt from leaning over? Maybe all the weeds you have been pulling have aggravated your arms?  Here are some healthy happy gardening tips to take with you into Spring and Summer!


  • Use a stool – they have lots of types of stools these days. Whether you want a stool you can store things in, a stool that has wheels or even a stool that can change height. By using a stool and sitting while focusing on an area you can avoid straining your back.


  • Electric tools – they have made almost everything a power tool now. Just make sure you wear protective eye wear, gloves and close toed shoes.


  • Stretch before planting – take a few moments to warm up your muscles before doing anything strenuous. Stretch your legs, back and shoulders! If you’re not sure what to do let us know!


  • Don’t enjoy too much sun – Sitting out in the sun with protection is good for a little while. You need the vitamin D! But don’t forget suntan lotion and light long sleeves!


  • Use a washable mat – My sister, when she is planting her flowers, would use a foam mat to kneel on. She avoided the direct pressure on her knees and it was much more comfortable.


We have helped a lot of people overcome their problems and get back to doing what they love to do. . . . .GARDENING! Do you have any aches and pains that stop you from doing what you love?